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Halsdown Residential Home offers 14 spacious rooms, 9 of which accommodate an en suite.

Every room at Halsdown is fitted with a call bell system; these are controlled wirelessly with the use of a pendant. This allows the individual to access assistance wherever they are. We also use sensor mats for service users who do not have the capacity to inform staff they need assistance, or the ones who are unsteady on their feet. Once they stand on this it triggers the call bells and will alert staff that individual is mobile. This is pending a suitable risk assessment.

Every bed is an electric adjustable bed with the option of the side rails for extra reassurance.
For the less vulnerable service users we use state of the art non powered pressure redistribution mattress systems with self adjusting technology offering a dynamic response and optimised patient comfort.
For the more vulnerable individuals we use an airwave mattress and strive to only purchase the highest standard of pressure relieving equipment for the service user. This offers alternating action within the cells of the mattress providing more surface contact area and lower average support pressures, it also provides a calmer therapy surface for patients hypersensitive to cell movements' alternation.

The en suite is equipped with 'grab rails', used to push up from or pull yourself up with when transferring on/off the toilet. They may also be used from a standing position or when transferring from a wheelchair.
Toilet frames are crucial aids in patient mobility and ease, these provide a shorter distance to stand or sit, thus making being mobile all the easier.

For the service users who can not stand unaided we offer a wide range of moving and handling equipment to promote as much independence as the individual's capability allows.

Hoists are used for lifting or lowering an individual, they are able to raise fallen individuals from the floor as well as lifting and lowering individuals from the bath. Each individual will be assessed for a sling, there are many different types as well as sizes to suit the individuals needs and comfort.

For the service users who have limited mobility we use a mechanical stand aid, this is an electrical machine that takes the weight of the individual but allows the user to actively participate in the transfer

For the service users who are mobile but lack the confidence to walk without the presence of a member of staff we use a handling belt. This allows the member of staff to hold the 'handholds' providing a more secure grip without man handling the individual which can cause injuries.


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