Halsdown residential home employs a full time activities co ordinator, Senior care assistant sian prowse, sian has been an employee with us for the past 16 years. Her passion is to ensure all residents hobbies are, where reasonably practicable, continued while they are at Halsdown.

With our above average staff to resident ratio this allows us to offer daily dedicated time for activities.

Sian organises a large activity once a month, we ask for relatives and friends participation where possible in order to continue making these a roaring success. Dates and details of each activity can be found on our facebook page as well as posters around the home and on the front door. These often include baking culinary delights, seasonal arts and crafts, pub lunches, or outings.

We try to hold at least two fundraising events a year, previous years have been raffles, bbq's and summer fair's, cake and coffee mornings as well as firework displays. All proceeds go towards residents outings such as Christmas trips to otter nurseries, aquariums, Bicton gardens as well as many more.


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